SHELTERDAY a 501C3 nonprofit organization; pursuing the preservation and the development of decent affordable housing, to address the needs of limited income individuals, military veterans, the elderly and their families. To strengthen the community through volunteerism. Including but not limited to sponsoring and supporting our FOOD SHELTER WATER programs and our GIVING MONDAY monthly events. To sponsor and support our animal shelters and food banks with day to day necessities and to lend support for programs that offer free and low cost adoptions, spaying, neutering and vaccinations. To support nonprofits dedicated to the conservation and restoration of our wetlands, our forests, the oceans, and all the wildlife, that inhabits these spaces. To create and sponsor volunteer partnerships that rehabilitate homes for the poor, the elderly and the disabled. Programs that keep disadvantaged neighborhoods warm, safe and independent. To implement initiatives that lend support to individuals, families, and nonprofit organizations who are in need of assistance due to the effects of natural disasters, family or individual emergencies. To include home repair, transportation, food, clothes, day to day necessities and animal rescue. To provide detailed current information as to where to find food handouts. Current information as to where to find shelters that offer overnight stays, and current information on all emergency social services needs, to include mental health.