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Q: What type of vehicles do you accept?  
A: Running or not cars, trucks, boats, RV's, golf carts, and construction equipment.
Even wrecked vehicles are accepted.

Q: Do you need a title? 
A: If a vehicles requires a title, will need one. If you can't find it or have lost it, we will help you get one. Most vehicles other than automobiles do not require a title.

Q: How do I get the vehicle picked up? 
A: We will coordinate a time and day with you that works with your schedule. (24/7)

Q: How do I file the donation with my taxes?
A: At the time we pickup the vehicle, the tow service will leave you a receipt showing it was picked up. We will send you a 1098C I.R.S. tax form to file with your taxes.

Q: Who will pickup the vehicle? 
A: A licensed insured tow company will pickup your vehicle at your convenience and at no-charge.

Q: How will the Department of Motor Vehicles know that I no longer own the vehicle? 
A: The minute the vehicle is picked up, and you are given a receipt showing it was picked up you no longer own the vehicle. We go by the rules set down by the state for all notifications and title transfers of every vehicle donated.

Q: What happens to my vehicle after it is donated?
A:The vehicle is brought in and prepped for auction. Then sold to the highest bidder. In some cases where it is an automobile suitable for a low income individual or family, it is donated to them and the title transferred into their name.

Q: Is there any cost to the donor?
A: None whatsoever!

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